This team-building offsite is designed to create cross-cultural awareness using the ocean as a metaphor for culture, waves as a metaphor for the different individuals we encounter across cultures and learning how to surf as a metaphor for getting the job done! It is a fun alternative that can be combined with a traditional training model to incorporate relationship building with competency development. Participants will develop skills for working across cultures while learning some of the basics of surfing, safety and effectiveness. Areas such as communication, hierarchy, task and relationship orientation and work-style differences are all illuminated through the parallels that surfing provides.

The program will start with basic surf instruction and lessons in the ocean and then followed by a conference-room-based training based on research based models that can be used as tools in any country with which participants are working. The minimum take-away is how differently we all do things and how only practice can make perfect, but with a few key tools, people can minimize the struggle.

Offside locations include Rockaway Beach (1 or 2 day) or Montauk (2 day minimum).

Duration: 1-2 days