Business Etiquette and Customs:

 Hard Facts and Statistics:



  • Kiss, Bow, Shake Hands
  • Culture Shock! France
  • Culture Smart! France
  • Au Contraire
  • France Amérique, Déliaisons Dangereuses by Walter Wells and JM Colombani (The Herald Tribune and Le Monde)


  • Paris versus New York

Online Articles:


  • The Chorus (Les Choristes)
  • Euro Pudding (L'auberge espagnole)
  • Amelie (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain)
  • My American Uncle (Mon oncle d'Amérique)
  • Intouchables

IC Tips:

Facts and statistics are a great starting point for learning about a new country, but to work effectively across cultures requires a deeper knowledge of how values influence behavior.