Winter in New York

I can’t help but write my first blog about my home town of New York and how what may be considered fabulous here could be considered deadly elsewhere. Bill Cunningham, the quintessential New York observer, revels in the delights of Christmas from 5th Avenue to Madison. He highlights windows at Bergdorf Goodmans and Ralph Lauren, each of which features mannequins in white surrounded by white birds. To the New York stylist it makes perfect sense – white, Christmas, snow, elegance, but to someone from another culture it could mean something entirely different.

New York Christmas Visual

The displays are gorgeous by anyone’s standards, except possibly a Chinese shopper who may subscribe to the traditional belief that white means death. Or consider the important government official who was said to have walked out of a New York hotel lobby that was covered in white flowers, proclaiming that there was no way he would stay there.

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Dear friends, family and colleagues,

I am delighted to invite you to join me in celebrating the online presence of my work as an Interculturalist via my new site –

Invisible Culture (iC) primarily focuses on equipping business leaders on how to work effectively across cultures, but is also enthusiastic about supporting:

  • Intellectually curious travelers who want to dig deeper when embarking on their global adventures,
  • Organizations in making realistic assessments and action plans on how culture is impacting and can maximize their potentials, and
  • Youth in exploring their identities in a multi-cultural world.



The site will provide basic information like bio, services and contacts, but will also feature my culture blog, Ask Kath. Finally there is a section titled Cultural Resources  for country by country links to “visible” cultural facts as a starting point for learning. I invite you to add your recommendations as the lists are ever growing.

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